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Le Cinq #Paris

Just to be welcomed at Four Seasons Hôtel George V, 31 Avenue George V is an experience that is over the top. Everything is so beautiful, stylish and the interior very exclusive – you can see how the light falls over the lobby, how big and open aired it feels like but at the same time very cosy and warm. And the staff! Everyone greets us very kindly and with a smile. We all feel like kings and queens entering the hotel, almost like we were made of silk. We are being shown through the hotel bar and the sommelier and the general manager meets us by the entrance to the dining room. All the staff looks up at us, says hello and welcome with a polite wave while we are being seated. With a start like that, I know that this is going to be something to remember for a long time.
Settings & environment 98/100 (The restaurants geographical area,surrounding and interior)
Wherever you are in Paris, you are in the “centre” of the town. All the hundreds of gastronomic landmarks that Paris can be so …

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