Le Meurice Paris Eng.

Setting & environment 96/100
(The restaurant´s geographical area, surroundings and settings)
It couldn't be much clearer in this matter. All better restaurants in Paris are in the central area. But then again, what counts as central? When we travel to a place where we are supposed to discover the gastronomy of a specific area, that place is central for us.
Once again we step into the enriching and absolutely wonderful Le Meurice, 228 Rue de Rivoli, 75 001- Alain Ducasse's amazing restaurant. And the best of all – we didn't think it was possible – but apparently it is…
Gastronomic idea 94/100
(What is the idea of the restaurant and how unique is it?)
This restaurant, that Alain Ducasse has created, is for us what the church is for the most Christians. A place for us to reconcile our souls to the life of gastronomy, to study perfection within culture, history and what will be the next experience. The common theme, which we saw directly last time we were here, wasn't as easy to see this time.
We are always very honest, we don't find it hard to tell them when we don't understand something or even when we don't like something. We're equally open to tell them what is good. This time we had to stand up and give them a big round of applause for one of the best lunches we ever had. The French kitchen, which everyone finds fatty, sweet, saturated and lavish with calories, is for us the total opposite. We see today a very light kitchen that is showing us a side that we love. What has happened during the past year in Paris is pleasing. For those of you who think that Paris is and old traditional town with only duck liver, pike and cream, you have a lot to discover.
Service and treatment 98/100
(Service from the very first moment and through the whole dinner)
The big black car we arrive in does not even stop outside the hotel before we have three people opening the doors in an interaction called perfection. And even before we take our first steps inside the big doors to the lobby, two beautiful people are showing us the way into the classic bar that must be visited before a lunch or dinner at Le Meurice.
We are being seated and even before we has the chance to open the bar menu, the restaurant manager Mr Frederic Rouen comes in to welcome us back.
We feel like the most important guests in the world and what is even more amazing is that we notice how every single guest is treated like the most important one, in that typical French way we just love.
The service during our visit has reached another top level since we were here last time, the presence is better, more comfortable and there's more joy in everything they do. You can just lean back and enjoy how all the waiters are moving in the dining room, it is a really good show. 

Food, season and preparation 95/100
(How good is the food? The preparation of the food? Do they miss something? Are they working after season, which we prefer)
As usual we get to see the menu and what is offered today, but more than that we don’t get to decide. The restaurant manager Mr Rouen takes our menus and asks nicely if he together with the chef Jocelyn can set up a special menu just for us on this lovely day. And we are not going to blame him for that so we just smile and say: “Yes please, it would be an honour.”
It does not take long before we have several sommeliers around our table, each and every one presenting a champagne in a flawless way. We have the opportunity to choose between three different ones and as usual we are hassling a bit and want one of each.
For this serving, the classic vegetables are served after being blanched in salted water and the dip sauce that comes with them is to die for.
We cannot find any mistakes when we are looking into the schoolbook about decoration, preparation or the choice of food. All parts of the menu has its own place and the classic theme that we mentioned before, we can see through the whole lunch.
Another thing worth mentioning is how well they have prepared the food for the person who is celiac, usually in France they don’t care about celiac at all and you just have to help yourself, but at Le Meurice they take it seriously and will take care of you in a perfect way. Thank you so much!
The pace between the servings couldn’t be better and there is something going on at the table most of the time but without us feeling stressed or someone in the way being pushy.
We will never stop admiring the power all the female waiters possess in this dining room. They, together with the restaurant manager, are controlling everything into the very last detail. With the blink of an eye or a small hand gesture, they get the waiters to move like ballet dancers over the soft floor. Beautiful to see them all work in this amazing dining room.

Drink menu and its knowledge 90/100
(How is the beverage menu? Big, small and the pricing. How big is the beverage knowledge among the staff and the sommelier?)
A wine cellar for the most picky ones – here we find producers and areas that we believe a restaurant like this should have. There is also a wide range of vintages and there are verticals that would have been amazing to order if you had ta wallet that size, because it’s everything but cheap. There are wines that are so overpriced that we can’t believe it ourselves.
We would probably have done the exact same thing and Alain do have those kind of guests that are willing to pay for it. However, we decide to go for the wine pairing that their new head sommelier, Elina, had put together for us. And also regarding the wines and the service from the sommelier, it has become better than last time. More combinations that are daring and a very interesting choice of wines for the food menu. What we also must say is that we are not always the most easy customers, we ask about everything all the time but Elina does a terrific job answering them during our whole stay. She must believe in herself more and stand up for her thoughts, because when it comes to combining wines with food she is a genius. Thank you Elina for your way of being a perfectionist. We loved your wines!
Excellence & Overall Experience 97/100
(A final judgement)
We feel at home here and it’s mainly because of a young talented waitress that took great care of us during our first visit. We have been longing so much after being taken care of by her again – this young but already so talented waitress. She does everything with great joy, she's passionated about her work, the restaurant and the guests. All she does is so real and she does it with lots of love, so talented already that it’s going to be a pleasure to follow her career. Thank you Mademoiselle Julie! 
Everyone in the staff are very friendly and helpful, we really don't want our stay to come to an end. We can’t wait to come back and feel the pulse in the kitchen again. In the end we do the usual walk around the kitchen and this time we get to visit Cederic Grolet patisserie to see all his most famous work. When we are back in the dining room, time has rushed by and all staff members are sitting in the dining room for the review of the evening, but when they see us everyone comes up to us, thanking us for being a part of their day. I do admit that I can feel a tear on my cheek as we are saying goodbye to all these amazing people and we immediately start counting the days until we come back to be amazed by Chef Exécutif Jocelyn Herlands amazing gastronomy once again.
Drink menu
Rasin, caviar, Racines au gros sel
2006 Champagne Laurent Perrier Le Millésimé
Belles langoustines croustillantes, fenouil/ citron
2015 Jurancon Sec – La Virada Camin Larredya
Bar de ligne ”ikejime” á l`écaille, petits pois et rhubarbe
2015 Alsace Rielsing Grand Cru – Scholssberg L´inédit – Domaine Weinbach
Veau ”grain de soie” anguille, olives
2012 Chateauc neuf du pape – Piedlong
2012 Rivesaltes Ambré – Mas Delmas
Pêche á la verveine, poivre rouge de Kampot
10 ans Maderia Boal - Barbelito

Final grade of stars: 4,5/5


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