Zonin1821 @Oaxenkrog

A fantastic day with @Zonin1821 and @Oaxenkrog . Thanks for everything! Outstanding gastronomy and a very competent group of sommeliers at the table. Will write a longer chronicle of our lunch. One word, magical! Two stars with uppcomming wines ! A tasting is so important to occasionally get to try wines next to each other and really get to know the "big" difference of the wines from Zonin! The same procedure for creating wines , but so different .
2005 Vin Santo Castello d`Albola
Chips of Jerusalem Artichoke with Roast Chicken Dip
Soft Bolied Egg with Oaxen Lard, White asparagus & Pan fried Ramson
Grilled Celeriac baked in cheese whey with Bleak Roe & Chives
Baked cod, warm salad with fennel & dill, beetroot.
Tomato & White wine brasied Knuckle of Veal with white beans, Roasted pumpkin Seeds & Sage, Beetroot with browned butter, Yougurt & cress. Grilled beans with onion Vinigrette

2009 Nebbiolo Barboursville
Rosehip sorbet with jasmin Ice & Cream & Cake of almond
Rhubarb Compote with Cardamom Crumble & Cream Cheese Ice Cream.


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