My dreams are not yet reached...

The meal (dinner) we enjoyed with you was truly sublime – one of the finest we have had anywhere in Europe in the last few years. The matching of the food and wine menus was superb, not to say inspired. As a director of the UK’s leading wine merchants I have the good fortune to taste a wide range of outstanding wines each year, but I had not previously tasted a single one of the wonderful wines you chose for us. Each one was a perfect complement to the dish it accompanied. And the food itself matched the brilliant quality of the wine. Your list is fascinating, one of the most adventurous I have seen.
What made our stay so enjoyable was not just the meal, but the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the hotel. Too many hotels equate quality with a formality and stuffiness that inhibits; yours does not, and the friendliness of all your team made us feel that everyone had a real enthusiasm for providing an exceptional experience. You deserve several Michelin stars, but thank God you don’t (so far as I know) have any – it would only spoil things. A wonderful ‘secret’ for us to have discovered.
Since the hotel is perfectly situated for our annual trips to Sweden by car, we shall most definitely return, and look forward to seeing you again. In the meantime if you are in London, do please let me know.



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